Robust Quantum Entanglement at a Distance (Sham Group)

Chris Chan and Lu Sham’s theory on using the more robust multiphoton states to entangle two distant electron spins is published in PRL. The proposed method has the potential of much higher probability of success in entanglement by measurement projection than the current single photon method. Entanglement of two spins in two separate quantum dots is the requisite precursor to quantum information processing in semiconductor systems.   Lu Sham is discussing with his experimental collaborators how to implement the scheme.
For more information, contact Lu Sham.
Figure: Time and Rabi frequency dependences

of the average number of photon detected.The
state-selective fluorescence signals increase linearly with time.


Where are they Now?
Chris Chan (PhD 2012 at UCSD), a former graduate in CAN and Physics, is now a postdoc with a Croucher Fellowship  working on theory of quantum information processing at Harvard with Professors Mihail Lukin and Eugene Demler.